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2800 West Market Street Fairlawn, OH 44333
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D: 330-836-9141
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Cutler Real Estate’s Fairlawn office prides itself on its commitment to service, going all in on one of Cutler’s Core Values, “Find a Way to Say Yes.” 

From listing administration, closing coordination, title and mortgage each of our team members is dedicated to finding a way to help our clients and Realtors to achieve their goals.
Our office experience aligns with all of Cutler’s Core Values. Our office’s passion is evident, with honesty and integrity as our foundation, we collaborate to provide opportunities; ask questions that lead to positive solutions; work with a purpose to help achieve our clients and office’s goals; innovate to create new ways to overcome challenges. We are intentional and transparent in all that we do, coaching our clients and Realtors constantly, to provide the best Real Estate experience available today.

Above all else, we strive to have FUN, while accomplishing our daily activities and goals. We’re committed to bettering the lives of our clients and Realtors with everything that we do!

Barb Hudak

REALTOR® 330-697-8889

Rachel Aidala

REALTOR® 330-714-7014

Charlene Hanger

REALTOR® 330-554-6252

Linda Stalder

REALTOR® 330-472-0715

Barry Rubenstein

REALTOR® 330-888-0645

Tony Berg

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-510-0676

Adam Dauberman

REALTOR® 330-573-2420

Jean Mannarino

REALTOR® 330-391-0262

Mike Scott

REALTOR® 330-329-3947

Megan Spilman

REALTOR® 330-836-9141

John Decoulos

REALTOR® 330-801-2040

Mary Yoder

REALTOR® 330-606-8036

Tammy Musser

REALTOR® 330-723-2614

CarLisa Johnson

REALTOR® 330-351-3234

Kathy Forchione

REALTOR® 330-338-7350

Ron Sholley

REALTOR® 330-835-5637

Kristin Farrell

REALTOR® 330-664-9088

Matthew Bowman

REALTOR® 330-671-2245

Katie Rucker

REALTOR® 330-760-6366

Chaker Fadel

REALTOR® 330-835-5675

Angela Walker

REALTOR® 330-836-9141

Theresa Morris-Barton

REALTOR® 330-861-8132

Lee Sulzener

REALTOR® 330-760-6981

Louis Dimondo

REALTOR® 330-388-5544

Scott Fano

REALTOR® 330-280-2634

Stephen Merkle

REALTOR® 330-328-3456

Mark Miller

REALTOR® 330-234-2659

Charles Redmon Jr

REALTOR® 216-849-3590

Tony Berg

Office Manager | REALTOR® 330-510-0676

Mia Dahn

Closing Officer | REALTOR® 330-835-5609

Connie Donatelli

Administrative Assistant 330-835-5600